08012023_ Sexual Health is for Everyone

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Sexual Health is for Everyone!

It is important to take care of your sexual health just like you would with your other routine health maintenance exams. Sexually transmitted infections can happen to anyone. Left untreated, they can create serious health problems. Here are some common Frequently Asked Questions about accessing sexual health services at the Black Hawk County Public Health Center.

Who can get STI Testing?
Services are provided free of charge to anyone seeking STI/HIV testing. A fee for service may be charged for certain requested tests. The clinic staff will review this information with you prior to testing. 

Who SHOULD get testing?
Anyone who is sexually active can get a STI. Many STIs don’t have symptoms, but they can still cause health problems. The only way to know for sure if you have an STI is to get tested.

What tests do you offer?
We offer a variety of HIV and STI tests. Visit our website at to find a full list of STI/HIV testing and prevention services available.

Whatshould I expect?
You can expect a welcoming, confidential, and judgement free environment. Our  reception staff will greet you and get you checked in. A nurse will take you to a private room and review your medical history. During this time, you may discuss any concerns, ask questions, and determine which tests you might need. You will then see the clinician who will discuss your care and offer an examination.  

What if I am embarrassed?
We have heard everything, and we are here to help. Ask your questions. Everything is confidential, and knowledge is power!

What if I am positive?
If you test positive, your clinician will provide you treatment for free, or connect you to a care provider. They can also help you notify your partners, if you choose to do so. If your test results haven’t comeback before you leave, one of our nurses will call you and inform you of your results and arrange a time to return to the clinic for treatment or referral tocare.

Why should I come to Black Hawk County Public Health?
We are experts in sexual health testing and treatment. We stay up to date on the best course of treatment for sexually transmitted infections, and we offer a private, confidential testing experience.

End STIgma! Let's Talk!
Now that you know what to expect, come see us! Black Hawk County Public Health is offering $10 gift cards or a free ticket to Cedar Valley PrideFest* for people who complete a HIV test between August 14-24, 2023. We look forward to seeing you!

*while supplies last