Environmental Inspections

Environmental Inspections

The Black Hawk County Public Health Environmental Health Officers provide inspections, environmental surveillance and monitoring, complaint investigation, and enforce  multiple ordinances and administrative codes. These efforts are key to maintain environmental safety within our community.

Looking for information on food inspections? Please visit our Food Safety page.

Swimming Pool & Spa Inspections

Environmental Health Officers conduct annual inspections of public swimming pools and spas in a 6-county area, providing regulation and oversight to reduce the incidence of waterborne disease transmission, increase pool safety and to conduct accident investigations.

Our Health Officers conduct pool and spa inspections in the following counties: Black Hawk, Benton, Bremer, Buchanan, Fayette, and Grundy.

Please contact Black Hawk County Public Health for more information or to register a Pool or Spa related complaint at 319-291-2413.

Click Here for more information including:

  • Pool and Spa News and Updates
  • Construction/Reconstruction Permit Application
  • Swimming Pools and Spas Registration Form
  • Pool and Spa Rules and Regulations
  • State Pool and Spa Licensing Fees

Tattoo Inspections

The Environmental Health Officers Conduct annual inspections of tattoo facilities in a 5-county area providing regulation and oversight. The following counties are inspected for tattoo compliance: Black Hawk, Benton, Bremer, Fayette, and Grundy. There is an annual $250 inspection fee.

Please contact Black Hawk County Public Health for more information or to register a tattoo related complaint at 319-291-2413.

Click Here for more information including:

  • Iowa Tattoo Regulations
  • Temporary Tattoo Parlor Regulations
  • Artist Permit Requirements
  • Application to Operate a Tattoo Facility / Renewal 
  • Change of Location Form

Tanning Inspections

The Environmental Health Program no longer performs annual inspections of public tanning beds and operations. However, the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services still requires that tanning establishments maintain the appropriate certification for their business. This provision requires at least one person per establishment successfully complete the owner/manager test and the successful completion of the employee/operator test by all other employees who operate tanning beds. 

The owner/manager test can be taken through IDPH, online at no cost, or can be taken in-person at Black Hawk County Public Health. Please note that for the in-person test there is a $25 fee. For either testing option, use of the tanning training packet is permitted. For in-person testing please contact Black Hawk County Public Health to schedule your testing date and time at 319-291-2413.

Click Here for more information including:

  • Information Notices
  • Tanning News
  • Owner/Manager Test 
  • Employee/Operator Test
  • Training for Operators 
  • Submitting a Tanning Complaint 

Taxicab Inspections

Black Hawk County Public Health conducts health inspections of taxicabs in Black Hawk County. Every cab operating in Black Hawk County is required to complete this inspection annually, as this inspection is a component of municipality checklists.

Trash Hauler Inspections 

Black Hawk County Public Health conducts inspections of all vehicles serving as a trash or waste hauler in Black Hawk County. This inspection is due annually. All Trash Haulers that previously licensed with Black Hawk County will receive notice this inspection and license fee is due. For all new businesses seeking to offer this service in Black Hawk County, please contact our office at 319-291 2413.

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks 

The Environmental Health program maintains records and periodically monitors the locations of known Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST) sites in Black Hawk County. The purpose of the effort is to provide requesters information of known locations for any future Environmental Audits or informational requests, as well as to monitor possible contaminants in the soil.  

Rubble Sites 

Rubble sites in Black Hawk County are monitored and inspected to ensure that they are sanitary and contain no possible environmental contaminants, especially those that are transient.

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