Our Vision
We exist to ensure that people in our community have equitable opportunities and resources to lead healthier, more fulfilling, and longer lives.

About Us

Black Hawk County Public Health was established as a full service agency in 1969 under the authority of Chapter 137 of the Code of Iowa. In March, 2022 the department achieved national accreditation from the Public Health Accreditation Board. Black Hawk County Public Health helps people live healthier lives through prevention, promotion, and protection.

Our Mission
We protect people in our community from health hazards, promote healthy behaviors, and prevent disease.

Our Values

Black Hawk County Public Health is committed to these guiding principles:

Teamwork and Collaboration

Work within and across programs, support team decisions, willingness to learn about other programs and contribute outside of one’s own area, show interest in others, share resources and demonstrate personal and mutual accountability.

Outward Mindset

Awareness of how actions and decisions impact others, put the agency’s and community’s needs above one’s own, motivate one’s self and team to achieve a collective goal, and each person is part of a larger whole.


Be purpose minded, flexible, adaptive, and innovative and solution-oriented, and view transformation as an opportunity.


Promote transparency and integrity, assume positive intent, believe, and expect the best from others.


Genuinely see and hear the perspective of others, understand that contributions have value, recognize coworkers as both individuals and team members, and treat each other fairly.


Pursue a common goal with passion and dedication.


Present a positive image, one that is disciplined, reliable, credible, and capable of critical thinking, and self-awareness.


Foster a culture of open and honest communication, listen to others, seek their constructive input, and pursue collaborative efforts.


Recognize and praise each other’s successes, differences, and talents.

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