HIV Prevention

‍HIV Prevention

PrEP stands for Pre Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV prevention; it is a new and vital part of overall HIV risk reduction. By taking a medication (Truvada) every day, PrEP clients can lower their risk of contracting HIV by nearly 98%. This treatment program has been made available for those who are vulnerable for acquiring HIV from risky sexual or injection drug practices as well as those who have an exclusive relationship with an HIV (+) partner.

‍How to enroll
  • Ask clinic staff for more information about PrEP
  • IowaTele PrEP: In-home (or wherever you want to be) telemedical delivery model for PrEP in Iowa
Eligibility Requirements

You must be HIV negative AND at increased risk of HIV exposure

What to expect

‍Clinic staff will review your risk of HIV exposure and provide you with information about the program. A referral for the PrEP program can be made by clinic staff or self referred. PrEP takes commitment from you and ongoing monitoring from your PrEP team.

Participating in the PrEP program through partnerships with Iowa Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) and Black Hawk County Public Health provides you with:

  • Medication monitoring to watch for dosing patterns and side effect
  • Risk-reduction counseling
  • Regular STD screening and treatment
  • HIV Screening (rapid testing)
  • Hepatitis C screening (rapid testing)
  • Immunization status review and update, as needed (Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B)

Free Condoms

  • Free condoms are available at the front desk or through your clinic visit.
  • Condom locator- find free condom resources closest to you
  • Condoms by mail- Order free condoms to be mailed to your home.
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