Community Health Promotion

Culturally, and Linguistically Competent Health Promotion

At Black Hawk County Health Department, we provide culturally and linguistically competent health promotion that respects the cultural values, beliefs, and practices of our diverse community. We do so by hiring community health workers from the community who are trusted members of the community and have in-depth knowledge and lived experience of the communities’ culture, experiences, and languages. We deliver evidence-based health promotion and education that reflect the cultural and linguistic status and values, and beliefs of the intended audience. Our approach to health promotion recognizes the family and community as primary systems of support and intervention. Thus, we thrive to ensure a meaningful involvement of community leaders, community members, faith /religious leaders, and key stakeholders. 

Rural Community Health Promotion

In addition to culture and language, the health of our community is also determined by the place of residence or geographic locations.  The issues faced by residents of rural communities are very different than those in urban areas. Factors such as limited access to healthcare services, environmental characteristics, and geographical isolation can impact the health of rural communities.  As a health equity strategists, Black Hawk County Health Department is intentional in addressing the health issue of our rural residents that face a disproportionate burden of chronic disease relative to the general public.

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