Black Hawk County Public Health Celebrates National Public Health Week with an Award and Promotional Campaign

Press Releases

Black Hawk County Public Health is recognizing National Public Health Week, April 5th-11th, by thanking residents for coming together during a global pandemic. The health department is recognizing Black Hawk County residents as Public Health All-Stars. For more than a year, community members have had to make sacrifices to help fight COVID-19. To show our appreciation, we are honoring each resident with a symbolic award. To help promote the honor, we have created a virtual medal via social media. Facebook and Instagram users can take their photos with our augmented reality filter. Facebook users can also change their profile frame, letting their friends know they are Public Health All-Stars.

Virtual Award

Since we are still actively fighting COVID-19, we wanted to create a way for our community to come together and recognize each other's sacrifices. We are thankful for everyone who has followed public health guidelines like the 3W's:  Wearing your Mask, Watching your Distance, and Washing Your Hands.

Claim your virtual award on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to the award, we are launching a public health awareness campaign to inform the community of our department's services. Public Health is often seen as an invisible profession. While COVID-19 has put public health front and center, we still want the community to understand all of the work we do in different areas that impact our everyday lives. Black Hawk County Public Health assists with overarching health promotion strategies and provides inspection services that directly protect residents' well-being. We also work to advance health equity in our communities by creating opportunities for everyone to live healthier lives.

Our department is also launching a new website to help keep the community informed and access our services and educational resources. Our new URL will be You can still access COVID-19 information at; you will be redirected to our COVID information center.