021623_Press Release_ Public Hearing - Revision of Water Well Regulations

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Contact: Black Hawk County Health Department

Phone: 319-291-2413

Public Hearing - Revision of Water Well Regulations

Black Hawk County Public Health will hold a Public Hearing to address the adoption of the revised Regulation 1-99, Water Wells. Stakeholders are invited to attend this hearing, to ask questions and share comments or concerns regarding the proposed changes to this regulation.

The hearing will be held on March 6, 2023 at 9:00 am at the Pinecrest Building, 1407 Independence Avenue, Room 420, Waterloo. Alternatively, this meeting can be attended via Zoom at the following link:

Key components of the proposed Regulation 1-99 Water Wells revisions include:

1. Use of current county regulation format and use of correct naming conventions.

2. Recommend that the regulation be recognized under the Title 8 Health and Safety designation, specifically Chapter 8.35.

3. Content changes include:

a. Change name of regulation to “Non-Public Water Supply Wells”.

b. Expanded Purpose and Applicability.

c. Removed section titled “General.”

d. Increased number of definitions to coincide with the definitions in Chapter 38 and 49.

e. Updated the minimum lateral distances from sources of contamination to reflect Chapter 49.

f. Clarification of compliance and enforcement procedures, adoption of current Black Hawk County procedure for enforcement.

g. Updated regulatory language for hearings, variance requests, and for the filing of injunctions.

Please contact Black Hawk County Public Health at 319-291-2413 or with any questions or issues regarding attendance.