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Public health officials from Black Hawk, Linn, and Johnson counties have put together this document to guide staff in these settings toward the best way to prevent the spread of illness among attendees.
All currently approved or authorized COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective and reduce your risk of severe illness. CDC does not recommend one vaccine over another.
Updated information as of 1/10/22- regarding eligibility for vaccines ages 5+; eligibility for boosters age 12+; and the timing of boosters and extra doses for immunocompromised.
Updated information for employers to reflect new quarantine and isolation guidelines from the CDC.
Visit the CDC's "Answers to Tough Questions" page on children and vaccinations for messaging guidance that helps answer questions such as: “Why should children get the COVID-19 vaccine?” and “Will children experience any side effects from the vaccine? I’ve heard about myocarditis.”
The Black Hawk County Health Department provides COVID-19 guidance for childcare providers. Updated 08-17-21.
Black Hawk County Health Department provides updated COVID-19 guidance for families who have children in childcare settings. Updated 8-17-21.